“Thank you every one for your business. My life has taken me in a different direction and I have closed Rooffix, llc. However, it is not a sad thing. It’s a good thing. If you need help with your roofing needs please reach out to these guys, they are all great roofers who I would trust with my own home”

Matt @ Paramount http://www.paramountroofingaz.com/
Christ @ ProSource http://prosource-roofing.com/
Steve @ Payne and Sons http://www.paynesons.com/

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Our approach to Roof contracting is a radical one, one that is so simple, so effective you will wonder why no other contractor ever thought of it before.
Once you know our not so “secret” secret, you will slap your own forehead and say “Well Duh” so here it is:

“We READ and FOLLOW the manufacturer’s directions !

99.99% of all roof leaks are the result of installation mistakes ?

2 out 3 new roofs installed this year WILL leak with in the first five years?

Our roofs don’t leak period because we follow the directions. It’s just that simple !

Manufactures spend millions of dollars developing and testing their products, to produce their product “specifications”. If roofer’s follow the manufacturer’s specifications there would be no more NEW roofs leaking.

Sadly, most roofers do not bother with specification documents, and do what they have always done. Then a few years later their customer is calling on someone like us to fix it.

Our Roof Don’t Leak PERIOD !


Called Rooffix to check out a flat roof leak. They were quick to determine the problem and give me a reasonable estimate. They scheduled the repair, arrived when they said they would, and finished before the next storm. I recommend them for fixing any roofing issues!

Kent J.

Phoenix, AZ.

I got referrals from 4-5 different roofers, big and small. Henry and Monica came by and gave a competitive bid. They took pics of the roof , showed me the problems they saw, and gave 3 choices for repairs.They showed up on time, cleaned up afterwards, and kept me informed along the way. During the repair, Henry noticed a water pipe leak that I also had to have fixed, which delayed his work for a day until the plumber could show up. Even with the plumbing complications and an additional sky-light needed, the final bill was exactly as quoted. I am glad to recommend ethical folks like these two.

Janet R.

Park City, United States

I recently used Rooffix to do roof repairs for an inspection repair list to sell a home. The owner, Henry, was very pleasant to work with–he was responsive, provided an accurate and fair estimate, and did very good repair work. I recommend Rooffix 100%.

Joel R.

Scottsdale, AZ.

I needed some roof tiles replaced for one of my residential listings. I contacted Henry and he provided a price quote that was reasonable for the work to be done. During a week of bad rain storms he still managed to complete the job well before my deadline. I will be recommending Henry to my clients when they need roof work done.

Mike W.

Chandler, United States

I had Rooffixllc install a rolled patio roof on a hone we just purchased in Sun Lakes. They were prompt, efficient, friendly, professional and charged a very competitive price. I highly recommend them!

Julie Hemer

Sun Lakes, AZ

My parents were buying a house and the seller already had a “roof inspection” and quote from a roofing friend of theirs.  We brought in a general inspector who told us the quote didn’t even begin to cover the issues they were seeing and we needed a licensed Roof Inspector.  We contacted Henry at Rooffix that afternoon.  He came out first thing early the next morning as the sale was in the final stages.  He did a very detailed inspection and took the time to show us exactly what they were overlooking (the sellers quote was surface problems which would have turned up again because of what they were not telling us).  He had a full day of work but that evening put together a detailed professional inspection report for us which helped us get a credit towards the purchase of the house.

Scott B Gilbert

AZ .

I was up on my roof fixing an antenna, and I saw some things that didn’t look all that good. I called Rooffix, and luckily they were able to squeeze me in the very next day! (I should’ve bought a lottery ticket, too!)

I actually got to walk around on the roof with Henry, and I was amazed at the issues he spotted – things I would have never noticed. And he knew just what to do to address each one of them. This guy is a serious roof craftsman!

I’m all ready for the monsoon season now!

Highly recommended!

Don B.

Chandler, AZ

When we needed someone in the East Valley, we reached out to Henry. He is very dependable and takes care of business. There aren’t too many roofing contractors that will do roof inspections for realtors, but Henry does.

Pat Stapleton

I try and support small business when I can- They were a referral from a handyman I had working on my house. You always hear the story’s about Craigslist or contractor scams so I was Henry is an animal- hard working- rushed out to do our repair before the big storm last week even when he had the flu! The bill came in at exactly what he had estimated- forgot 1 little tile (it’s ok- he was sick!) but offered to come out and remedy the situation at his earliest convenience. Very refreshing to find an honest, hard working contractor who shows up with a great work ethic.

David S.

Mesa, United States

Henry was great to work with, I call him and he walked me through the hole process step by step. His estimate was on the penny and even did a few extras. Everything was done in a timely manner. And an excellent job of cleanup. I couldn’t be happier. Thank you Henry and his team.

LaDonna G.

Mesa, Az

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