Roof Repairs

Repairing Roofs

It is a fact that more than half the roofs installed in Arizona will leak with in the first five years. When you have a roof leak, you need someone who knows how to fix it. Not just patch it up for now, but make a lasting repair.You need someone who uses the best materials available and understands how to correctly install them. If you choose to ignore roof leaks they can become costly large problems very fast. It is very important that you address any roof problems as soon as you notice them.

Many Arizona roofing contractors avoid doing small repairs. They simply don’t see it as a good profit center for their business. They would rather replace your entire roof, and will do their best to convince you to let them.Leaks don’t always mean your roof needs replaced, often small repairs or corrections can solve the problem. Giving you many more years of service life.

At Rooffix, our professional and trained roofers know how to inspect and diagnose roof problems. We are honest, upfront and have no problem doing small repairs if that is all you need. We have been repairing roofs of all kinds in Arizona for years.