I have received THREE calls for small leaks … the roofers who did the work are POOF gone. Most roofing companies fail within the first three years .. I have made a living at this for far longer than that.

Many roofers will swear that their roofs don’t leak … but that’s not true. What happens is that by the time the roof problem is known, which is often a long time in this state, the roofer is long gone. So they don’t know their roof leaked and they will keep making the same mistakes over and over again.

So yeah, the three calls that got today are just that … roofers who can’t be found, thinking their roofs don’t leak.
In the past few years I have done nothing but find and repair leaks, some more challenging than others. This has taught me a great many things about how to install roofing better … and though I am not perfect, I am better now then I was last year and will be better next year.
If you have a roof leak, I can help you in two ways

1. Be your contractor and do the work, as long as it fits with my ability
2. Be your consultant, inspect your roof and prepare a detailed job scope. Then help find and work with a good contractor who can get the job done right.